Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

This varies according to the individual. As a general guide, if your child is curious about piano, has a reasonable attention span, enjoys fine motor activities and observing fine detail, they are ready to give piano a try.

It is important to provide and maintain a reasonable instrument from day one, or even earlier. Acoustic pianos should have every key working and be annually tuned.

The minimum requirement recommended for a digital piano is a quality brand, touch sensitive full-length (88 keys) keyboard with weighted keys, a fixed pedal and a robust music stand. Non-touch-sensitive keyboards are not suitable. 

Students often have their own ideas about what they want to play and when they want to play it! Effective music teachers know how to structure the learning process for each individual, helping develop their knowledge and skills in a sequential and logical way. I offer a balanced curriculum that honours student requests whilst achieving curricular goals.

Learning a musical instrument is much like dental hygiene – a teacher will expect ‘regular brushing’ between visits! Parents can support a child’s practice by providing a regular routine and a quiet environment for practice. Many students respond well to a parent regularly sitting with them whilst they practice.

Whilst working towards an exam may be a useful goal for some students, for others, exams are not a helpful motivator nor an accurate measure of overall progress. Whilst I regularly enter candidates with all the exam boards currently available in Australia, I equally support those who choose not to enter the world of formal musical assessment by regularly using other contexts to celebrate musical achievement.

Free trial lessons are not available, as I feel learning a musical instrument is a long-term commitment and one half-hour lesson does not give a full opportunity to see how things will work out. However, I am always very happy to have a phone conversation before lessons commence, and I believe excellent communication is the key to a productive student-teacher-parent relationship.

No! Learning an instrument is a life-long journey. I welcome beginners of all ages and adult re-starters, no matter how many years or decades it has been since you last played regularly!