Cats on the Keys


Cats on the Keys is a collection of sixteen fresh and original piano pieces in a range of fun-to-play styles. From the elegant melody lines of Classical Cat, to the bluegrass-feel hoedown of Country Cousin Cat, each piece paints an engaging and entertaining musical portrait. With suitable technical and expressive challenges for pianists-in-the-making, Cats on the Keys is an enjoyable feline frolic for all ages.

All of the pieces from Cats on the Keys are in grades 1 and 2 of ANZCA’s 2022-2024 Classical Pianoforte and Modern Pianoforte syllabi.


1. Fishing in the Grand Piano
2. Snooze in a Sunbeam
3. Scat-a-cat
4. Country Cousin Cat
5. Cats in a Canon
6. A Mysterious Tail
7. Feline Divine Celebrity Cat
8. Guilty Pawprints
9. Moggie and Doggie
10. Sneaky Cat
11. The Curse of the Winkeye
12. Cat-astrophe
13. The Ballad of Black Cat
14. Catnip Crazy
15. Classical Cat
16. Pirouetting Puss