Pooches at the Piano


Pooches at the Piano is a collection of fifteen exciting and original character pieces for piano in a range of musical genres. From the baroque-inspired Sunrise Walk (Bark Prelude) to the synthpop duet of Disco Dogs, each piece portrays an enchanting pooch personality or canine characteristic. Containing valuable technical and interpretative challenges for pianists in their early years of study, Pooches at the Piano is an eclectic album of musical imagery that will appeal to fun-loving (and dog-loving) pianists of all ages.


1. Sniffari
2. K9 Undercover
3. Gambolling
4. Funky Dunky Dog
5. Cha Cha, Chihuahua
6. Sunrise Walk (Bark Prelude)
7. Best Friend
8. Dixie or Rags?
9. Snappy-Doo
10. Labrador Lost
11. Feeling Waggish
12. Cosmic Fi-do
13. Akita and Shiba
14. Unleashed
15. Disco Dogs (duet)